Sikh’s stories in Central Italy


After Brexit referendum, the Italian Sikh community has became the largest in EU. They are families and young people who since the late 80’s have left the Punjab, North-West region of India. They have crossed the world to work in the farms and fields of the Pontine Plain (Central Italy) and the surrounding towns hoping to improve their conditions. After nearly 30 years working in the countryside the Sikh community is managing to build its own identity in a Country that they feel like their own, but still remaining isolated and distant from a society, the Italian one, which often confuses tolerance with indifference. For those who are living in this plain the aim is to get their lives more dignified than their beloved ones in India. No matter under what conditions they are forced to work or live, the most important thing for them in to get enough money for family in India.

For others, especially the youngers, who feel Italy as their own country, the integration and social redemption are the main objectives that come through leaving the work in the fields, looking forward to a future that makes them closer to their Italian peers. This community is characterized by the presence of many youngsters aged between 18 and 35, that in Italy have studied, worked, built up relationships among themselves and started to live with an italian lifestyle. They are the second generation of migrants: children born and rise in Italy from parents that, after a whole life of challenges, are still bonded to the dream of going back to India.