Marco Valle (Italy 1981), is a documentary photographer based in Italy. His images are chiefly aimed at exploring the conditions of territories and their interaction with local communities: how territories are impacted by human activities, affecting environments and health. His stories tell the struggles against the exploitation of migrants in the Italian countryside, the coexistence with the wounds of the war of the people in Sri Lanka.

His works have been featured by The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, National Geographic, Le Nouvel Observateur, 6Mois, Bloomberg, British Journal of Photography, Internazionale, FQMillennium, La Repubblica,and La Stampa, among others.

Exhibitions and Award
Festival della Fotografia Etica - Italy, 2019
Selected for XXXI Eddie Adams Workshop - New York, 2018
Osnabrück's Cultural History Museum - Germany, 2018
Indian Photo Festival - Hyderabad, 2017
Finalist Felix Shoeller Award - 2017
Photo Kathmandu - 2016
Casa dell'Architettura - Roma, 2015




Email: marco.valle0@gmail.com

Mobile - Italy: +39 3403046302

Skype: marcovalle11-10-81